Pepe Romero guitarist
Alex is well known in the international guitar community as a virtuoso performer, a highly respected teacher, scholar and organizer. I have played with Alex on many occasions with orchestra and in duo concerts, with great pleasure. He brings tremendous energy to performances and I always anticipate working with this wonderful player. I also regard him as one of the finest teachers I have encountered, with great sensitivity and musical intelligence whose teaching is marked by an outstanding ability to produce musical results, an ear for all styles and periods, and amazing sight reading. With his inspiring musicianship and technical prowess, he is truly a musician’s musician.

Adam Holzman guitarist/instructor (University of Texas, Austin)

Alexander Dunn has been a staple in the North American guitar world for many years. He possesses a beautiful dark sound, a prodigious technique and a strong understanding of musical style. His education is from some of the finest schools of music both at home and abroad, giving him the opportunity to have studied with some of the world’s greatest guitarists. Alex is a first rate performer, scholar, adjudicator and teacher. He is well known in our field in each of these areas and one only need read his cv or talk with his peers to discover his standing. He is an active performer and regular on our festival scene with expertise in early music, new music, nineteenth century performance practice and standard repertoire.

Roland Dyens guitarist/composer/instructor (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris.)

Alexander Dunn is not only a terrific player but an unique teacher. My first and immediate feeling is about his exceptional involvement in doing and realizing so many things in so different fields and so well plus, on the other hand, the so special relationship he has with his advanced students in Victoria, Canada. As I got to teach them for Master Classes, I was shocked by the high quality of their musical skills. All of them were outstanding and refined musicians and so flexible in changing things in the middle of the Class. This is the best quality from students, I believe, and it undoubtly comes from the way they are currently taught by their teacher, Alexander.

James Smith guitarist/instructor (University of Southern California)

Dr. Dunn is a performer of the highest order. He plays with a clear and refined sound, a
remarkably disciplined facility and a surpassing understanding of music and
performance practice. He writes well, and has many scholarly publications and articles,
but most importantly, Dunn skillfully and compellingly integrates performance and
scholarship, intellect and emotion, objective knowledge with intuitive insight. His playing is truly original and deeply musical. He is an artist. I have invited Dunn to teach at USC on several occasions, so I know the excellence of his teaching. He taught our students very well, and they respected him for his remarkable kkowledge and concern for their development. He motivated and inspired them.